Route Planning

 To encourage more attention on safer routes to schools in their communities.


 On Riding bikes, and riding them safely to school.

Safe Routes to School Program

 leaders are looking to BMX pros Show to help communities and schools stay safe!

Community leaders, and schools are on the move to encourage more attention on safer routes to schools in their communities. Perfection On Wheels has been a proponent of this since day one. Riding bikes, and riding them safely to school, have been a big part of our school assembly message. See a show live The Safe Routes to School Program have provided some tips to help your community be active and safe.

The National Center for Safe Routes to School Program Suggests:

  • 1. Bring together the right people: Identify people who want to make walking and bicycling to school safe and appealing for children, including children with disabilities. Sharing concerns, interests and knowledge among a variety of community members with diverse expertise can enable groups to tackle many issues.
  • 2. Hold a kick off meeting and set a vision: A goal of the first meeting is to create a vision and generate next steps for the group members.
  • 3. Gather information and identify issues: Collecting information can help to identify needed program elements and provide a means to measure the impact of the program later.
  • 4. Identify solutions: Solutions to identified issues will include a combination of education, encouragement, engineering and enforcement strategies. Safety is the first consideration.
  • 5. Make a plan: It doesn't need to be lengthy. Include encouragement, enforcement, education and engineering strategies. Create a time schedule for the plan.
  • 6. Get the plan and people moving: Hold a kick off event starting with a fun activity. Participate in International Walk to School Day or celebrate a Walking Wednesday.
  • 7. Evaluate, adjust and keep moving: To sustain the program, consider building additional program champions and letting people know about your successes.
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Ride Safe!

Perfection on Wheels teams up other supporters of bicycle safety AAA, IEHP and other supporters on bicycle safety.