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We take special care to design each event to showcase spectacular, heart-pounding talent and athleticism. But more importantly, we take our responsibility as positive role models just as seriously as we do the execution of wild stunts and complex tricks.

Our passion is BMX, but our core mission and purpose is to deliberately convey unforgettably life-affirming messages and lessons that will totally resonate with young people in a contagious, uplifting way.

Our awesome BMX stunt shows captivate audiences of all ages, especially today's youth. That offers us a rare and wonderful opportunity to leverage that attention in ways that will encourage young women and men to make the right choices in life.

Perfection On Wheels BMX Stunt Team,

founded by legendary BMX freestyle champion and BMX Hall of Famer Woody Itson, is the pre-eminent leader in BMX events. Our world-famous adrenaline-pumped performances, which are especially tailored to the needs of schools like yours, have been wowing audiences since 1991.

Education and entertainment

Our top-rated BMX stunt teams combine educational entertainment with a strong School Assembly Programs commitment to producing assembly programs that are as memorable and inspiring as they are thrilling and breathtaking. Decades of experience and success prove that we're adept not just on two wheels, but also at making a profound difference in the lives of students like yours. We've found a unique way to contribute to our nation's future, and we look forward to sharing our multifaceted presentation with you.general.

our show

Perfection On Wheels' BMX Stunt Show includes some the world's best BMX athletes and we exist to serve schools and organizations like yours, through the uniquely engaging format of X Games style BMX stunt shows. Because our team also handles hundreds of shows per year for corporate functions, public festivals, and other events, we are always on the road delivering the excitement of BMX to cities and towns everywhere.

That means that we can offer affordably-priced access to your school, no matter where you are located, because we do not have to incur the transportation costs and other potentially expensive logistics that would otherwise be involved in traveling cross-country just to come to your area. 

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From Red Ribbon BMX shows to school assembly programs with strategically-embedded anti-bullying messages, anti-tobacco themes, character-building concepts, and bicycle safety tips in mind, Perfection On Wheels is always the right choice. Make a stunning visual and emotional impact while providing enlightening and healthy instruction students will benefit from both in the classroom as well as beyond campus.

Contact us now to schedule an energetic and action-packed performance of incredible BMX tricks and stunts your students will love! (800) 650-2453 (Bike).

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