How smoking affects your health and can limit your achievements.


How smoking can be addictive
and he dangers of smokeless tobacco

Anti-Tobacco School Assemblies

Our anti-tobacco program will help teach students in grades K-12 the harmful effects of tobacco and help promote a healthy lifestyle.The message we give during our anti-tobacco program will help students realize the negative affects that occur when students use tobacco.

Our anti-tobacco message is delivered during a 40-minute excitement filled presentation. Our BMX extreme sports athletes use an X games-like show crammed with exhilarating tricks, such as backflips, 360s, and tailwhips, to keep attention and accentuate what you can do if you stay tobacco-free.

Perfection on Wheels puts excellence into each of its programs

Our Anti-Tobacco Programs are well received wherever we go!

Perfection on Wheels uses each of our talented and committed bike riders to deliver positive messages to students. We aim to instill ideals that will increase self-confidence and positive morals. We focus on encouraging students to find something they love to do and concentrate on the personal fulfillment they can receive from that instead of choosing to engage in negative behaviors such as tobacco use.

The Perfection on Wheels riders have not only been written about in newspapers, but have also appeared on news broadcasts throughout the nation. Our riders are among the top in the nation with various national titles, and some are X Game medalists. Their motto is Stay healthy; be fit; eat right; exercise. Students will see through our demonstration that a healthy mind and body will help you achieve great things. They can focus on the personal talents they have and can develop them to increase self-esteem and avoid tobacco. During our Anti-Tobacco Program, our BMX team will demonstrate how negative behavior, such as using tobacco, will jeopardize their ability to achieve their personal goals. We also promote education, character, and self-esteem. We emphasize that by pursuing something you like to do; you will build self-esteem, focus, and confidence. We encourage students to put their efforts into achieving their goals.

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  • How smoking affects your health and can limit your achievements.
  • How smoking can be addictive
  • The dangers of smokeless tobacco
  • How smoking can hurt others through secondhand smoke

According to the Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse, school-based substance abuse prevention programs are found to be effective among middle school and elementary school students. In addition, average self esteem scores were higher than students who did receive the prevention program.