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Web server logs imported: 10/3/2020 3:04:15 AM - 2/1/2021 4:34:46 AM
Report Date Interval: All Dates (122 Days)

General Information for selected dates

Hits Summary Total Per Day
Number of Hits: 2,794 23
Number of Successful Hits: 2,794 (100%) 23
Outgoing Traffic: 65.83 Mb 552 Kb
Incoming Traffic: 7 Kb 0 Kb
Visits Summary Total
Number of Visits: 890
Average Number of Visits per Day: 7
Average Visit Duration: 1:06 Min
Visitors Summary Total
Number of Unique visitors: 408
Visitors who visited once: 308 (75%)
Repeat visitors: 100 (25%)
Average Visits per visitor: 2.18
Most visitors from this Country : United States (78% visitors)
 Page Views Summary Hits
Total Page Views: 878
Most popular Page: /index.html 713
Most popular Download: 0
Most popular Entry Page: /index.html 528
Most popular Exit Page: /index.html 545

Referral information

Referral Summary Hits
Top Referring Website: 37
Search Engines Summary Hits
Top Search Engine: Bing 1
Top Key Phrase: red ribbon week bmx assembly 1
Spiders Requests: 559

Technical information

Technical Summary
Most Popular Browser: Google Chrome 76.0.3809.71
Most Popular Operating System: Windows NT
Error Hits: 0 (0%)

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