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BMX School Assembly Programs

BMX school assembly programs and presentations that make a stunning visual and emotional impact while providing inspiring, enlightening and instructive messages on the topics that are important to schools like yours. These include anti-bullying messages, anti-tobacco stories, bicycle safety advice, character building, making healthy choices and more.

Champions aren't born, they are made

Our BMX riders strive to exude a high level of moral character as a true team player who works hard in service to the community at large.

Bicycle safety and helmet use

Bicycle safety and helmet use is something to be serious about.

For 10 years Perfection on Wheels has been working closely with IEHP and The Rad Rider safety program.


Our Programs Motivate and Inspire Students

Our BMX Stunt Show is an exciting and engaging school assembly that ensures students will listen and learn during the memorable performance. Professional BMX athletes will give students positive and encouraging messages during an energetic and action-packed performance of incredible BMX tricks and stunts your students will love! .


About us

School Assemblies Guaranteed To Capture Students Attention

For more than 25 years, BMX school shows from Perfection on Wheels assembly programs have inspired and motivated students to make healthy choices and strive to become champions in life. With experience comes confidence.

We are confident about how our school assembly programs change lives, so we offer a 100% guarantee. Not satisfied? We will make it right.

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Role Model

Part of being on our team is understanding the responsibility of being a role model. During all of our assemblies, we talk to students about living a healthy, drug free life style and following your dreams. Students definitely connect with us better than other programs because we are actually living our dreams. . [more]

Why choose Perfection On Wheels?

1. We are the original BMX Stunt Show

and we have been providing BMX stunt shows for 30 years. Woody Itson Perfection On Wheels was originally founded in 1991 and run by the legendary BMX Freestyle Champion and the first ever BMX Freestyle National Hall of Famer, Woody Itson. Perfection On Wheels is currently owned by X-games veteran Erick Soto. Erick has performed in well over 5,000 events in his 23 year + career, giving Erick and his team decades of experience in the bicycle industry as well as the school assembly/BMX show industry. In addition, Erick has perfected the art of motivational speaking to school-age kids by promoting positive lifestyles, saying "no" to drugs, anti-bullying, character building, and many other topics...

2. Our cutting edge equipment

and impressive looking trailers and uniforms reflect the pride and care we take in order to give your school the highest quality show possible.

We feature the largest state- of- the- art ramps in the industry. Our self-contained show equipment is second to none and routinely checked and maintained to ensure high safety standards and reliability.

3. We offer peripheral marketing materials

to help your school get ready for the greatest school assembly ever and to motivate your students to be their personal best. We offer promotional CDs, t-shirts, hallway posters, and back stage passes for the students who go the extra mile to achieve excellence..

4. Finally, we offer professionalism that is unmatched.

Our state of the art Website allows you to save time by booking directly online. You will receive an automatic 3 day reminder confirming your assembly is just around the corner.

You will also be able print your invoice and W-9 directly online for accounting purposes. Our goal is to give you the best assembly experience, from start to finish, with the least amount of effort.

Red Ribbon Week Assemblies

An ideal way to commemorate Red Ribbon Week and celebrate a drug-free life is by hosting an awe-inspiring Perfection on Wheels BMX stunt show assembly[more]

Anti-Bullying Programs

When it comes to bullying, the Perfection On Wheels BMX Stunt Team has a zero-tolerance policy, and our riders impress that upon students. [more]

Anti-Tobacco Programs

Our anti-tobacco program will help teach students in grades K-12 the harmful effects of tobacco and help promote a healthy lifestyle.[more]

Bicycle Safety Programs

Bicycle safety and helmet use is something to be serious about. During our bicycle safety assemblies we cover:[more]

Character Building Assemblies

A Character Assembly Program that Focuses on the Importance of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. [more]

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Greetings From Perfection on Wheels / BMX PROS TRICK TEAM. Red Ribbon Week is Back!

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