Red Ribbon Week  School Assemblies

The Premier BMX Stunt Show for Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

Red Ribbon Week Assembly for Schools

  • An ideal way to commemorate Red Ribbon Week and celebrate a drug-free life is by hosting an awe-inspiring Perfection on Wheels BMX stunt show assembly.
  • The Perfection On Wheels BMX Stunt Team puts on the best extreme bicycle sports show on earth, with high-energy action that caters to the entertainment preferences of young people.
  • Our world-class professional BMX stunt cyclists deliver performances that keep everyone amped-up with excitement. Perfection on Wheels boasts the best ramp equipment, the most stupendous tricks, and the most miraculous BMX stunts.
  • Not only will it be the most exhilarating and memorable Red Ribbon Week assembly your students have ever experienced, but they will also come away with invaluable and unforgettable life lessons.

Red Ribbon Week BraceletAll of our talented award-winning riders share the heartfelt passion and commitment of our founding owner, celebrated BMX Hall of Fame champion Woody Itson. Woody places immense value on education. In fact, he took time away from one of the most successful BMX careers in history just so that he could go back to school and earn himself a college degree. Every member of the Perfection On Wheels team is driven by those same priorities, with a burning desire to give back to the community as a uniquely influential role model and inspirational example to students throughout the nation.Red Ribbon Week ideas

Show your school’s support for Red Ribbon Week while providing a thrill-filled and highly educational event that will bring once-in-a-lifetime excitement to your student body. Best of all, the fantastic BMX athletes who participate in the event will leave a lasting, positive impression on each and every young person in attendance by charismatically reinforcing the message of smart choices, healthy fun, and the rewarding satisfaction of a drug-free life lived in service to others.

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