Bilingual BMX School Assemblies

Now available in California!

Erick Soto, owner and operator of Perfection On Wheels Bicycle Stunt Team is a dedicated BMX Stunt rider with 21 years in the BMX Show Industry. Erick is a native of Baja California, Mexico, and now a proud US Citizen that has gained experience and knowledge by performing in various school shows across the country, specially in California.

Our Bilingual presentation is that we want to make sure that no student get's left behind. We now offer bilingual school assemblies in Spanish for ESL or students with Spanish language dominance. All Bilingual school shows are the same format as our regular school assembly show, show length and dynamic stunts. This gives your school another option of a great BMX Stunt Team performance with a powerful message for the Latino Community and the community in general.

Erick's success story as an immigrant from Mexico can help your students relate to help them succeed. Erick started working for Perfection On Wheels in 1998 as a BMX stunt rider, eventually becoming a team manager, to finally becoming the new owner of Perfection On wheels since early 2016. Talk about going for you goal and dreams!!

Stories like this are one of a kind. There is no other team out there that has this to offer!

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Available Bilingual school assembly messages are:

  • Anti-bully
  • Character Building
  • Motivational
  • Bike Safety
  • Red Ribbon Week School Assembly
  • Safe Routes to School
  • and More...

You can book us for a regular school show and have a separate Bilingual school assembly in Spanish or combination of Spanish and English for a second or third group. Each assembly added to your original booking its only $200 more for each performance on the same location.